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    I had a dream on 1/19/2012. My dream was that i was getting married and my bridesmaids were helping get ready and something happen where they were trying to stop my groom from seeing me before i walked down the aisle. However, this attempt failed because as i was walking to the hallway, my groom was putting his tie on and walking around the hallway to. He saw me and smiled because he saw what i looked like before it was time to walk down the aisle. Then, his groomsmen pushed him back in the room where he was at, they all laughed.
    Then I went back to where i was dressing, and my bridesmaids took out a pair of high heels for me to wear and we walked through the hallway to get ready for the wedding. As we did this, i was able to get a glance at the audience at my wedding, and i saw the backs of their heads. FInally some time passed in my dream, and somehow my groomsman was someone else now. We were walking through the reception room casually. he was dressed in a sweater and jeans, and then he asked where the ring was. He told me that the ring was a big diamond ring. He asked his best man where it was, but the best man did not know where. Then he asked the audience in the recption area, and they claimed they did not know where it was. What was strange was that someone told us that someone had probably stolen it. Somehow i didn't even care. I told my groomsmen to meet me in the hallway. Instead of yelling about the ring being missing, i held his head and kissed him on the cheek. I felt something. Something warm and fuzzy. I could feel it in my heart even though it was a dream

    ps. i must note that although the groosmen were protrayed by different people. they had similar traits. The groom who i kissed on the cheek was a previous coworker of mine, and the first groomsman putting on his tie was someone whom i never met, but know of and somehow believe might be a possible twin flame or soulmate

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