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A weird dream i find ominous/suggesting something?

12 years 4 months ago #1 by learia

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  • I got a series of dreams but these what made me wondering why they appeared in my dream.
    On one dream I was dreaming of looking inside a plastic full of animals (real ones), i've seen two beautiful owls & that 3 headed hamster w/c i found different & took out. I was having the idea of cutting the other two heads off, though I remained him complete & decided to pet him. I could remember I was in a classroom armchair & I put my pet to my rear since I think I was at the middle of something. I was looking at my pet time to time & he seemed to be behaving & sleeping soundly, like a baby. He kept pooping & getting lost/falling down to somewhere far so I was always searching for him whenever he's not in my chair, & I always found him,.But the last scene in my dream, he really did went lost & desperately trying to find him until I woke up from this dream.
    There's even an inbetween dream where I was in a subway stair, and i intentionally made a rim of a small paper that a size of a receipt or something fall down, I was having the feeling someone I know would get it. When I went down to look, I saw my ex who was holding the paper. We saw each other & he was like saying 'you cannot do this"..
    The other dream was like,...I was taking a weird test (w/c i tried answering anyway since evryone is,though i answered it w/ pure intuition). As we are correcting our papers, one man who was holding mine put all of my answers wrong & most of them he erased them out like i didn't have any correct answer. though i could remember my answers i know i've at least corrected one. I saw his face & he was like assuming my answers are all wrong & lost the will by saying "i don't like this" what shocked me most is that he is one-eyed. Not one-eyed with patch on but literally one-eyed, like a cyclops.

    It feels like trouble is suggesting this dream thru basic interpretaion but w/ the specifics i know there's more i need help in this?i've been dreaming vividly recently.

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