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Dream about a game

9 months 3 weeks ago #1 by Vallarine

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  • Dream about a game was created by Vallarine
    Felt like I saw a whole movie. I was in a game. There was big circle with spots on the circumference of the circle. The Clown chased people who where inside the circle and the people had to run and secure a spot around the circle. The people who got caught were out of the game. I was chased by the Clown but landed a spot. Now I had started to realise that I have seen this same dream before maybe a long time before cause I remember some scenes. Now there was a host in the middle circle. He had white hair in a mullet type hairstyle and had worn pretty stylish clothes. I thought he looked really cool but as the game continued I got to know he wasn't a good person. He would give out task to the participants and if they succeed in it, he would assign them a card. But these task were very twisted one. One them which I remember is he asked a person to lick the whole blade side of the knife. Then he asked another person for the task, if it was okay for him to eat their finger and I thought 'He is joking, right?' but then I heard the person's scream. He had really ate 4 of her fingers. In the middle of this a participant next to me said that people who are losing the game will get killed so we should do something to escape. But as I knew according to the past dream I was going to survive. If I do something different in this dream, I will probably change the outcome. So I told her I cannot.
    The game was coming to the end, the people who got their cards assigned were slowly going to sleep. I was the last person left to get the card assigned. The host looked at me and said 'Joker' , he said he didn't had much time to make me complete a task. And as I got assigned my card which was 'Joker' I was slowly drifting to sleep. While half asleep I heard the host say, "I knew I had seen you before, " He said some name starting from 'M'. "We were classmates."

    In the next scene, time has passed people who got their cards assign have forgot the game. They hear there was new cafe opened and there was going to be a grand opening. When I got to know this I got a flashback of how this cafe looked, all white luxurious cafe and in the fashback I saw the host. He was going to lure the people who got their cards assigned into the cafe and give them some mission to complete. As I knew what was going to happen there I chose to not go and as if I suddenly pulled the plug on the T.V I got out of the dream willingly.

    I told this dream to my friend, she said if you remember so many details everytime you dream then there must be some interpretation to this. So I decided to share my dreams here in hopes to get some interpretation.

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