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Here is a dream that I need I need to interpret

1 year 1 month ago #1 by Sonyab1974

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  • Okay last night I had a dream that I am in my pajamas. I had a boyfriend in the dream who spent the night, and in real life I don't have a boyfriend.  Anyway I am about to take a shower and I went in my bedroom to get my clothes that I am going to wear. I close my door and there is something wrong with my door. It won't shut. Then all of a sudden a ghostly hand (bony hand) helped me by closing the door. In my dream I could not scream or yell! I want to know what that means. :)

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    1 year 2 weeks ago - 1 year 2 weeks ago #2 by Lugus

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  • I rarely have a complete understanding of a dream, but I have a few ideas.

    Unless otherwise noted, all quotes are from Man and His Symbols 

    When the dreamer is seen in a dream, he or she almost always represents the dreamer’s ego. To clarify, the ego has little to do with being egotistical. We all have our own egos. Using the ideas of Carl Jung, the ego is the center of our consciousness.

    The dreamer dreams that she is in her pajamas. This may have something to do with nighttime and the dreamworld. The night can symbolize the unconscious.

    The boyfriend is probably a symbol of the dreamer’s animus. The animus is an archetype from the collective unconscious. The animus is always male and is only found in the psyche (and thus the dreams) of women. The animus has the potential of going through four stages of development. Most women will not reach the fourth stage of development.
    “Embodiments of the four stages of the animus: First, the wholly physical man — the fictional jungle hero Tarzan (top, played by Johnny Weismuller). Second, the "romantic" man— the 19th century British poet Shelley (center left): or the "man of action"—America's Ernest Hemingway, war hero, hunter, etc. Third, the bearer of the "word" — Lloyd George, the great political orator Fourth, the wise guide to spiritual truth—often projected on to Gandhi.” P 194
    (Although some of these examples are a little dated, we can still get a feel for what Jung are saying.)

    Getting a shower is usually a good sign in a dream. It symbolizes a spiritual or psychological cleansing. Note: this does not necessarily mean that the dreamer is particularly unclean. However, it doesn’t look like that dreamer actually had a shower. Thus, if the dreamer did not get a shower, this could be a problem.

    Dream clothing (or a lack of it) can symbolize a dreamer’s persona. This is the “mask” that virtually everyone wears. However, in this dream, the pajamas probably do not have any special meaning. But the color(s) or any images etc. on the pajamas could help with the dream interpretation.

    In this dream, a door would not shut but a ghostly (bony) hand helped shut the door. The process of shutting the door may refer to the dreamer’s closing the door on that part of her life or her psychological/spiritual development. Or a somewhat more realistic interpretation would be that she is closing the door on any meaningful relationship with a guy.
    However, the helpful hand could be a start of a new human archetype – perhaps a different animus. It is difficult for me to determine if this possible animus figure is more or less developed.

    Putting this all together –
    • This is a positive dream in the sense that the dream is giving feedback to the dreamer.
    • If the dreamer showered, it probably means that this bony hand belonged to a more developed animus. If the dreamer did not shower, it probably means that the bony hand belonged to a less developed animus.
    • But, perhaps unfortunately, the dream can also have a negative interpretation. It looks like the animus, at the second stage of development, is either dying and/or is being replaced by a less developed animus.
    • Another possibility is that the hand is closing any likelihood of a guy-girl relationship.
    • And there is at least one more possible, although less likely, meaning. The hand could represent a spirit from the shaman’s lower realm or an archetype from the collective unconscious. Either way, he (?) could actually be a positive image.

    So, what should the dreamer do to help her animus?
    • As we listen to our dreams and try to understand their meanings, our dreams change and become more helpful. One way that we do this is not to think of these dream people as merely images from the unconscious but to see them as “real” people with their own concerns, issues, priorities, and problems. We should not ignore them.
    • Once we find out what they want we should consider making some changes in ourselves. Sometimes a compromise is warranted. For example, a party-going, barhopping young man or young woman may need to spend more time on reflection, self-evaluation, and personal improvement.
    • Such changes will require the letting go of the ego, incorporating the unconscious into the consciousness and listening to the Self.

    Hope this Helps.
    Be sure to get back with me if you have any questions.
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    11 months 4 weeks ago #3 by Sonyab1974

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  • Replied by Sonyab1974 on topic Here is a dream that I need I need to interpret
    WOW! Thank you Lugus! Very interesting. So much to digest!  :) 

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