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1 year 3 weeks ago #1 by MG

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    I dreamt that my ex invited me to a room full of red roses even on the walls.
    What does it means?

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    1 year 2 weeks ago #2 by camilledeo

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  • Replied by camilledeo on topic Dream
    Could be a gesture of love/romance. If you had a very long relationship with this person there is psychic energy of attachment that can manifest via dreams. I had one ex haunt me for several years showing me all his new girlfriends and them even trying to kill me. Nice.
    Your dream can also mean that your ex is trying to smoother you with kindness, a gesture of love, maybe trying to win you back in some way with a show of overwhelming amount of roses. Ask yourself if you like roses, where do you associate this flower, personally I think of funerals when I see red roses, I don't think romance. He could be luring you in by making a big showy gesture of something you like or trapping you into a room with something you don't like.

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    1 year 1 week ago - 1 year 1 week ago #3 by Lugus

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  • Replied by Lugus on topic Dream
    As the dreamer might expect, red roses are usually a good sign in a dream.
    • Each rose color has its own unique meaning. For example, white roses symbolize purity, and yellow roses equate to friendship. But the color red is a much more complex beast — and every shade of red rose has a slightly different meaning. (One easy rule of thumb: The deeper the color of red, the greater the level of passion the color is said to invoke in the giver.)
    • Traditionally speaking, light red and pink roses symbolize femininity, grace, and elegance. Go a shade darker to dark pink, and that rose evokes feelings of gratitude and appreciation. Salmon-colored roses, which fall somewhere between red and orange, represent excitement and enthusiasm, and are an ideal symbol for a budding new relationship.
    • Bright ruby red roses are the true sign of love and usually symbolize passion, desire, and romance. Deeper red roses that fall more into the burgundy color family connote commitment and devotion, while roses with a merlot-like red tint represent beauty. And, finally, deep dark red roses — which sometimes appear almost black in color — symbolize rebirth and new beginnings.

    There are many red roses; therefore, the meaning of the red roses is multiplied many times over.

    But what about the man?
    He could actually represent your ex.
    But there is, at least, one other possible meaning. For example, he could be a symbol of the dreamer’s animus. The animus is an archetype from the collective unconscious. The animus is always male and is only found in the dreams/psyche of women. The animus has the potential of going through four stages of development:
    1. At the first stage is the physical man. He might be a superhero, or he could be a brute.
    2. At the second stage, he is either the man of action (such as a hunter or racecar driver) or he could be the romantic man.
    3. At the next stage, he is a man with a message. He might be a politician, a preacher or have a similar occupation.
    4. At the final stage, he is a guide. “Finally, in his fourth manifestation, the animus is the incarnation of meaning. On this highest level he becomes (like the anima) a mediator of the religious experience whereby life acquires new meaning. He gives the woman spiritual firmness, an invisible inner support that compensates for her outer softness. The animus in his most developed form sometimes connects the woman's mind with the spiritual evolution of her age, and can thereby make her even more receptive than a man to new creative ideas.” 
    Gandhi or a similar type male is a common symbol of the animus at the fourth stage.


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