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Grim reaper

1 year 3 months ago #1 by Nala

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  • Grim reaper was created by Nala
    Im 33 f, in a very fregial place, my boyfriend is in jail for almost a month for something he said he didn't do and I believe him but if convicted he will go for a long time, a friend of mine and his was just diagnosed with cancer (just found out today, not before the dream), I worked two jobs but lost one because of this mess.. two days ago I dreamt of a hand reaching to me from a very strong light and than saw the grim reaper in all his glory coming straight towards me slowly, standing right Infront of me and than turning his back to me and keep standing as if looking into the horizon.. I was a little scared but never felt threatened.. The dream was very clear, I know it meant something.. hope someone can help me with the meaning 

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