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    I had a really weird dream while having a nap before work.
    So I don't remember what I was doing but something happened and me, my childhood best female friend (I'm going to call her C) and one of my male work colleagues (I'm going to call him D) ended up getting done by the police.

    And instead of going in a cell or court of anything we got dropped unknown to us to a house with people looking after us, so we were standing confused with nothing on us in this room waiting to hear something.

    when I realized that D wasn't with us anymore when I asked C where he was we ended up looking in the front room, which is when I saw someone I knew, my new male best friend (going to call him F) now a little background about him he used to be a cadet and still has similar interests (I don't know if this explains anything) but when I walked in he was talking to this person, while wearing a uniform, it was a dark green shirt with a black cravat type tie and black trousers when I got closer and started talking to F I realized he also had some black and almost holographic paint on his forehead which knowing him in real life is the complete opposite to what he's normally like!

    But just before I asked where D was I was getting worried because I was supposed to be meeting up with F later that night but because of the police thing I couldn't let him know and thought it would be easier if he was there and I could explain then he appeared in the other room! I don't know if I brought him there or what any of this means!

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