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Sex Dream With a past lover - *Graphic Content*

2 years 1 week ago #1 by Jazarama123

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  • I was hoping someone was able to interoperate a dream i recently had that's on my mind.

    Abit of back story. I has a one night stand with a friend years ago and there had always been this flirtiness between us. I haven't spoken with him in a while but i keep seeing him post things on social media of him and this girl he is seeing.

    I recently had a dream about us where we hooked up where in the dream and in awake time, he is currently seeing someone. he is not actually in a relationship with her but is seeing this girl. In the dream i also knew this and we ended up hooking up (I would never do something like this in real life as I have recently been cheated on while in a serious relationship and I could never do this to someone). In this dream though, when engaging in sex, it felt as though I could feel his dick in my throat when being vaginally penetrated as if it was so beg that it reached my throat. we only engaged for a moment when it was as if someone was arriving at the house and i had to rush out of the house to find it was the girls father who was then chasing me. i had to try get away (which I did). 

    I have always had a special place in my heart for this person and i think our timing never lined up. we have always been back and forth with our feelings. he had a thing for me when i was in a relationship and i had expressed my feelings towards him ages ago and he didnt have them then.

    can someone please interoperate the dream???

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