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Strange Dream About Skeletons

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    I was a clerk or trainee lawyer at a law firm. There was candle wax dripping on the floor. Very scholarly place. Maybe there was a globe. I was taken through a secret passage under a mat beneath the table and my legs were really achy and tired and I was told my three women that there was a problem no one was admitting to in the world. It involved the fact that people could not die anymore. A cure all medicine had been discovered and people were taking it and just not getting ill or killing each other perfect. No hate in the world. Perfect. But not so perfect was the fact that a side effect of the medicine was that each night you fell into a deep sleep and your skeleton came away from your body almost completely bloodlessly and was really brought to life. With a life of their own skeletons wreaked havoc some were good and some were bad some stole and set suburban houses on fire some were involved in government corruption and violent crimes. People woke up maybe feeling slightly achy but ok though they woke to disaster. The skeletons were drawn back each night to the warmth of humans and something that got repeated a lot was that they felt the cold. But of course the problem was if you arrest a skeleton then you have to arrest the human too. I mean too long apart could disable or kill a person and make their life difficult like obviously no walking or standing up without prompts. So what do you do when a criminal occupies the same space and body as an innocent? The three elders said they were off to make lunch in a grandfather clock and were quite mocking about how tasty lettuce and tomato and mayonnaise was (no bacon though, pork was banned) and how I could have none of it. It was prohibited and reaching some kind of alternative dispute resolution with the skeletons was now on my watch. Then they waved a fob watch like a hypnotist in my face and waved their hands and said “ooh!” They left me with a broom and a soggy paper brown bag for lunch which had two bones of a rib cage in. I found that really insulting and I said shut up what you have done here is degrading so I will leave after all. I tripped up on the door and it was quite embarassing.I felt guilty about my own prejudice because I probably said I hate darn skeletons they’re all tricks and liars...

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