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weird out of body crash dream and so confused by it, can anyone make sense of it

2 years 6 months ago #1 by Missjones94

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  • I was on this island and someone broke in and stole these files about a family members (like a brother it seemed) death that my friend (that I had recently fallen out with) who was dealing with it sent in some form of post/mail, we all (me, her and another friend) went into her office and found the original of the files to work out why they were stolen,We had to go back to my family's house, like a grandparents house where them and my aunt was arguing about letting me carry on finding out stuff or get me to quit my job and uni to move back to there in a safer location (different to the original island) and do the exact same job and course but I ended up shouting and running out of the house without my shoes, I went to text my friend but turns out I texted Amanda not the friend in question, so while I was trying to work out what nickname I put the original friend under I saw a blue car drive down this one car wide lane I was walking on from behind me when a red car in front was pretty much right by me already and then everything seemed to go into slow motion, and the blue car went almost transparent and towards the end of the lane a few more steps in front of me you could see the tell tale signs of a crash, so I carried on walking towards it and there was already loads out of their cars trying to look and work out what they could do one saw me and looked shocked but when I asked what happened they acknowledged me and answered about the crash, but apparently they couldn't see anyone driving or anything or get thrown out so I croutched down (because the blue car was upside down) and could just make out the feet of the driver and I explained that to everyone there and they all looked and could then see them but the car seat wasn't where it was supposed to be even the passenger in the car looked weird at the driver, but then looked back at the feet and it was my shoes (the ones I wore to work first couple of weeks in costa) in that car.

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    2 years 6 months ago - 2 years 6 months ago #2 by Lugus

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  • The sequence of events in our dreams is usually meaningful. Good follows good while less good follows less good.

    Except for the dreamer, just about everyone and everything in this dream is a symbolic image from the unconscious (as used by Carl Jung).
    In her dream, the dreamer represents her ego. Using the theories Carl Jung (and for much of this dream), the ego is the center of consciousness.

    A visit/journey to an unknown country or place is a common symbol of the dreamer’s efforts to explore the unconscious or even the depths of the collective unconscious.

    The stolen files had something to do with a man – possibly a family member. This man is most likely a symbol of the dreamer’s animus. The animus is always male and is only found in the dreams of women. The files probably contain information from parts of the dreamer’s unconscious.

    Death in our dreams rarely means an actual physical death. Most dream deaths fall into a few general categories, such as:
    (1) The dreamer’s relationship with the real-life person has changed. For example, if a friend or a relative dies in a dream, it probably means that the type of relationship has “died.” It might be that a parent died in a dream. This type of dream could mean that the dreamer’s relationship with this has become more of an adult-to-adult rather than parent-to-child. This is there may less closeness or a different type of closeness in a dreamer’s relationship with the person.
    (2) A dream person has died. It may be that the death was caused by another dream archetypical person. Or it could be that the person died to give “birth” to a new (usually more developed) archetype. For example, in a woman’s dream the animus may die and then be replaced by a “better” animus.
    (3) Sometimes the dreamer will actually die in a dream. This is almost always a good sign. It means that dreamer’s ego had died. This typically means that the ego died so that the unconscious will become conscious. This is a common occurrence for the shaman. As Jung stated, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

    The relatives in this dream may be actual representations of real people, but I believe that they are probably symbols of archetypes from the collective unconscious. There seems to be a fair number of females in this dream. They probably include such archetypes as her shadow and the wise old woman. FYI – the shadow is always the same sex as the dreamer but is often at odds with the dreamer or somehow different from the dreamer. For some people, the shadow might be violent or perhaps the shadow has a different way of looking at the world. Because the shadow is a part of a person, it will be a part of the dreamer that he or she has suppressed.

    In this dream, we have the dreamer, a man and at least two women. These four people may be personifications of what Jung called the four functions: thinking, feeling, intuition, and sensation. (You may recognize them from the Myers-Briggs personality types.) When the four functions are personified, they are shown as the dreamer, the shadow, two others who are the same sex as the dreamer and the animus in women (or the anima in men).

    When we do not listen to these human archetypes, they can show their frustration by their unruly behavior in our dreams.

    I suspect that the dreamer’s family house represents the dreamer in some way. This is consistent with my belief that they are symbols from the collective unconscious.

    In the dream, the dreamer left the house without her shoes. This probably has something to do with a bit of indecision by the dreamer. She maybe unsure about her direction in life.

    The dreamer inadvertently texted Amanda. This little “error” is important. In order to appreciate its significance, we need to find the meaning of the name “Amanda.” Amanda is a Latin name meaning "loveable" or "worthy of love." Thus, she is a positive addition to the dream (and her psyche). But she is also a part of the dreamer. My guess is that she is the dreamer’s shadow. It is probably not the real-life Amanda who is the shadow but rather the "loveable" or "worthy of love" archetype.

    There is a red car and a blue car in the dream. I believe that dream colors can be important are often related to chakras. The color re is associated with the first chakra while blue is associated with the 5th and 6th chakras. The crash implies that there is a conflict between the two chakras.

    The dreamer also found her shoes which were in the blue car. This is probably means that the dreamer has decided to take steps in a particular direction. This is probably not meant to be a physical change but more of a psychological or spiritual change.

    If you wish to learn more about the ideas of Carl Jung, there are bunches of sites online. The book Man and His Symbols has a very good explanation of his theories.

    Hope this helps,

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