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Dream about future husband and daughter

2 years 3 months ago #1 by Alexandrite_Malachite
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  • Dream about future husband and daughter was created by Alexandrite_Malachite
    Hello, I'm 25 and unmarried and with no thoughts of getting a lover anytime soon. However, I recently had a lucid dream about my 'future husband' and daughter. Although, when I met them in the dream, it was through a family reunion. I knew he was husband because my relatives kept talking about my marriage to him and how I was too young to have a daughter.

    The experience felt so real. Although, I can't remember his face. I did remember was that he was really tall with ruffled ebony locks. He was silent for most of the part. But, he was also quite sweet and a really out-going guy. There was a point in the dream where we played volleyball with his friends. He was 5 years older than me and our daughter was was kindergarten so, presumably, she's 5 years old.

    I also remember vividly how we would fetch our daughter from school. And our kid even joined a pageant at her school and nearly won. I remember talking to the neighborhood moms in a park filled with lush green grass. And then, my daughter came up to me while holding my 'husband's' hand. Then, at night we would all cuddle in this small bed.  

    I loved the dream. I really felt like we were a happy family. So, I'm wondering why I had such a lucid dream. Is it some kind of sign?

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    2 years 3 months ago #2 by Stella

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  • Replied by Stella on topic Dream about future husband and daughter
    It is a sign from your subconscious of what you really want.  Here's a link to the dream dictionary definition on this site of the relevant symbol:

    It remains up to you to make it happen.  Hope it does.

    Good luck!

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