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Dream of my Cat

2 years 8 months ago #1 by MochiiMochas

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  • Dream of my Cat was created by MochiiMochas
    A few months back, My boyfriend and I found a little calico kitten trying to hide under my car. When we were trying to get her out from under, she crawled into the hood into a spot that could kill her. After hours of trying to linger her out, we finally swiped her. I immediately said " We're keeping her" And my boyfriend just let me Haha. We named her Mochi.
    Well, Mochi was totally okay with it after her first bath, because she was covered in oil. We nurtured her. She was already a very healthy cat. 
    Well, since she's our child now, every time I have a  dream, she's in it.
    In every single one of those dreams, I look at her in fear she might try and run away. 
    Mochi loves us. She's one crazy cat. She stomps when she walks, fights when we make her mad, and sleeps next to us like one of her siblings. She also has a little battle cry right before she attacks anything.

    I had a dream where my boyfriend and I decided to go to a new gym and we went to a drive thru one?
    and when we went inside, we left Mochi outside. I was very nervous the entire time. My boyfriend saying "its fine, its fine" I would check on her constantly.

    I had another dream of my dad and the ram 1500 silver that he doesn't actually own. I remember there being a massive terrorist shooting, and I ran to my dad, and he had to pee, so I waiting in the bathroom while he pees. he didn't want me being out of sight because of the shooting down the street. So I grabbed Mochi and we ran to the ram 1500 truck and when we opened the door, there were 2 other random people in there. one person in the passenger seat with another calico, and on in the back seat behind the passenger, holding a bigger dog that was brown and had floppy ears. we hopped in, but the truck was driving itself. I started freaking out and told my dad to drive, so he did. He drove behind a long line of traffic, and decided to cut all the way in front of the line. There were people align the corner of the street. they had sunglasses on. We opened the window and the strangers with sunglasses told us told us they needed to inspect our animals because of the attack. so they opened the truck door, and I kept having to hold onto mochi while she squirms, and I was afraid she might run, so I held on very tightly. that's when I woke up. 

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    1 year 9 months ago #2 by Dreamer41561

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  • Replied by Dreamer41561 on topic Dream of my Cat
    Ram/Vehicle: In a dream, moving through ones life. 

    Father: Ones internal aspect of guidance, wisdom, and awareness. 

    Shooting ï¿½  Shooting in a dream means heedlessness, or pursuing the avenue of women, lust and the company of its people. 

    Passenger with cat: This represents a whisper. Someone who give another bad ideas. that are evil.

    Passenger with dog: In a dream, all breeds of dogs represent lowly, obsequious and despicable people. A dog in a dream also means greed, love for the worldly pleasures. A dog with big ears means someone who talks vile language. 

    Traffic: Something that is moving slow in life and is distressing.

    Sunglasses: Vision, understanding, insight, knowledge. 

    The meaning of your dream is that you will acquire knowledge of the situation of your life. You will notice the lustful ways you live your life and the company of the people. Your boyfriend is telling bad things and changing you. He is a man of despicable character. You should not listen to him. You will dramatically acquire insight to resolve the situation. You will resolve the whispers but will keep the relationship. Personally you should end the relationship. This is the meaning of your dream. 

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