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    I had this dream a little less than 7 years ago. It burned itself into my memory and terrifies me to think that my mind knew what was coming. I don't remember very minor details. But, would still like people to interpret what the dream itself means. 

    Backstory - at the time I had the dream, I was living on the east coast with my boyfriend. We were splitting up and I would be moving to Las Vegas within a few weeks. 
    In the dream, I'm a young adult (seemed younger than what I was in reality) and in Las Vegas. I was hanging out with a group of 5 or 6 people riding bicycles in the desert along the outskirts of the city. 

    We came across a large tunnel into the ground. It was like the the regular tunnels in the city, squared with concrete and circular in the center. A few people decided to wait outside and 4 of us went in.

    We stumbled across a huge underground pyramid! There was writings/symbols on the walls and it was very beautiful. There was quite a few open rooms and we looked around. They were all empty except for 1 room with a few antique looking decorations. I was at a far point looking at the walls when the other people called to me and told me they were heading back outside, and when I looked they were already by the tunnel leading out. 

    I started making my way back when I heard crying coming from the other side of the wall, close to the exit. As far as I knew all the rooms had been investigated, and all had large open doorways made out of stone but no doors. 

    I start searching and find a hidden door where you could push the wall in. Inside there was a middle aged woman chained to the wall. She was laying on the ground and sobbing. I went to approach her and she looked up at me, begging for help.

    But it was me.

    I started screaming and one of the guys in the group rushed in and pulled me out of the room, not realizing the woman on the floor was an older version of myself. And I woke up. 

    Now that I have lived here, I realize that mentally I'm not too far off from the woman's physical wellbeing. I was in a relationship for most of my time here and the person mentally and emotionally abused me to the point where I don't really know who I am. I have no hobbies or interests anymore, and wasn't allowed to have close friends whether male or female. 

    I had a strange feeling after having the dream, and have thought about it occasionally since living here. Usually it was "I will not end up like the woman in my dream." But the more I remember the pain I saw her in, and the anguish I feel now, the more I fear my mind was trying to prepare me for the next chapter of my life. 

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