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    I had this strange dream recently and I cannot stop thinking about the amount of symbolism it had in it. I dreamt that I was in line for a certain "ritual" (It was not necessarily a ritual, but it was a process where everyone of age would complete the task) and that soon enough it would be my turn. As I waited, a teenage boy walked past me and told me something along the lines of "I only died once" and walked away bloodied and proud. In this dream I thought I would be more surprised, but in reality I was confident in the way that I would beat him. Soon enough it my turn to go through the ritual and as I looked around my surrounding, it appeared to be hosted in a dimly lit cave. I glanced to the right and I saw a tightrope with a people dressed in black in certain crippling poses, all tightly woven together like a puzzle. They were all holding onto the rope and I leaped towards them and I swung around in the air by grabbing onto their spare hands. What I did not notice before was that every time I would hold their hand, they would fall to their deaths. The point of the ritual was to be the last one standing, without falling. Anyways,  I swung around holding their hands as if they were a trapeze and in those moments I felt so light and free. I felt the breeze and the exhilarating thrill of finding another person to swing on before I crashed to my death. By chance, I looked behind me and I saw the result of my swinging and I suddenly grew grim. I did not want them to die, nor did I want to fail, so I took a vacant spot on the rope and waited with them. As time flew by, they dropped anyways and I was on the edge of falling too. I saw that there was nothing I could do so in the end I took my last swing, it was very high one too, and plummeted. But as I plummeted, it felt like an eternity and I felt a sudden peacefulness in my action as well, I accepted my death. I continued to descend and I landed within a crater in the cave. I though the impact was going to jolt me awake, but to my dismay, I was still dreaming and the pain felt surreal. I continued to lay there motionless while I bled incessantly and came to a realization to what the teenager meant and I smiled, since I realized we were both lost. 

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