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Mysterious dream within another mysterious dream

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  • Hello, I had a dream last night well it was a dream within a dream actually. It was very vivid and a bit scary. The dream from when I can remember I was a live-in nanny for a family of many children. I was also about seven months pregnant at the time. There was another young woman there she helped watch the older children. I was assigned to one child, Jacob. He was your typical six year old boy running around, getting dirty, wanting to prove himself to be brave. He was my little buddy. On this particular late afternoon he wanted to go to Fly Manor(I have no idea why that was the name). The house wasn't but 3 stories high and a bit run down, but more importantly it was haunted by the people who lived there “supposedly”. I being pregnant was already uneasy about the situation. Jacob pouted and pleaded that we go since all his friends and older siblings have gone and seen ghosts he wanted to see them too. The other nanny told me it was fine and that there was so such thing as ghost the older children were being dramatic. And to my utter surprise we traveled down the road to the house. It was early evening when we arrived and I told Jacob to not leave my side. Well of course he let go of my hand and ran off. I went up to the second floor and immediately saw that someone was in the bed. If it was a ghost or not I couldn't tell nor did I stick around to ask. I screamed for Jacob and ran about the house looking for him. I saw a girl she wore 18 century clothing and asked if I would be the “new mommy”. Panicked I run out of the house and I see more children. I was frantically screaming for Jacob tears running down my cheeks. I find him and try to pull him away from the house but he said that he couldn't leave and neither could I because I was the new mommy. I looked up and saw a tall pale man walking toward me fast. I screamed and tried to run knowing full well I was going to die. I woke up from that mini nightmare only to find myself still dreaming.(I am still asleep in the reality)I sat up in bed sweating and crying my husband was quick to soothe me and tell me everything was alright. I look at him and shakes my head. I told him it felt too real and that I wanted to leave. He grew annoyed and told me it was just my pregnancy that was giving me a hard time again. I was pregnant in this dream as well about 8-9mo along but with twins and I had a four year old son, Benjamin. Apparently my husband thought it would be good for me to be out in the countryside with fresh air and no nosy neighbors. He was a powerful man a doctor I think. I never questioned him I just did what I was told to do. Benjamin though was my world he made me very happy since he was the only one around to socialize with me. My son loved his father but their relationship seemed forced in some ways. He loved me his mother dearly and I loved him I called him my little prince. Benjamin had a little friend, Allen was his name, who played with him. I never saw the boy but my son assured me that he was real and lived nearby. My husband was European he had an alluring accent and he seemed cynical at times especially when I would get worried. My husband made a comment that we only moved out to the middle of nowhere so I wouldn't cause a scene. Now I believe I might have had a hard time while I was pregnant with Benjamin(I am only speculating here the dream didn’t go into details about the previous pregnancy). I never once spoke against my husband I would smile and nod agreeing to whatever he said. Now the land he bought was where an old psychiatric facility once stood but was demolished due to the horrific crimes and multiple deaths that occurred. A house was built there in the 70s that housed the staff of the hospital but my husband insisted that we have a dream built there on the 55 acre lot. Our house was placed in the far north on a hill that sat about 5 acres away from where the original facility sat. However the 70s house sat in the middle of the demolished remains and I hated being around there. We stayed in the old house while the finishing touches were being made to our dream home. I was so anxious of the move since I wanted to wait until after the twins were born but he said that he knew best and we were moving and that was it. My husband was the only one who had a car I wasn't allowed to drive due to my current state(his words not mine). So he drove himself, our son and me to look at the new house since it was almost finished. I suggested we go in the poor that was heated and indoors since it was good for me and the babies. He agreed and we all went swimming and it seemed like it would be a perfect day. But suddenly I got real scared and I told my husband that I didn’t feel safe and that I wanted to leave. He kisses my head and rubbed my back and told me that I was overreacting and that I needed to calm down. I loved him I really did but he didn't understand that my instincts were in high gear especially being pregnant. He grew upset and then more so when I left a false contraction due to stress. He ridiculed me and told me that I was being paranoid and he was going to work. I was in shock to say the least. I watched as he grabbed his briefcase and jumped in the car and drove down the road. I quickly took my son and told him that we were leaving. He being his age told me he didn't want to leave his friend and that his father would be upset if we left without telling him. I knelt down and told him that we weren't safe and that his father would want us to be safe. He reluctantly followed me out the door and we had to walk since I didn’t have a car to escape in. We made our way to the old house and I tried to open the door but it was locked. I glanced back up to the new house and noticed my husband hadn't left at all. I panicked if he saw us we were done for. I saw people in the house and tried to get them to open thee door but they ignored me. They were talking and I heard one of them say, “her husband was right to send her away”. That's when I looked at them and saw they were wearing orderly uniforms and nurse clothing. One man wore a doctor's uniform from back in the day. I screamed and took my son and we run to the long driveway that lead to the main highway.  As we walked my son and I saw an elderly man laying on the ground and a child stretched across his legs both were clearly deceased and they were not of our time period. Benjamin looked confused and asked me why his friend Allen was sleeping on an old man. My fears had come true this land was of the dead. I was about to run for it when I saw a folder with documents in it. I picked it up and opened it. Inside the folder was a patient file paperwork. I skimmed over it and gasped when I realized  it was mine. My husband wrote up page after page about my hysteria and the pregnancies were affecting me. He was my doctor and that he said my first pregnancy was an accident but the second one was a planned experiment. I dropped the file on the ground and looked up and saw my husband had started driving down toward us. I literally woke up in a state of panic before I realized I was awake in the walking world and that it was a dream in a dream. I am not pregnant. I have no plans on getting pregnant. I am happy being single with my 5 cats and a hedgehog. I am just curious about these dreams and what they mean.

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