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Help interpreting a dream about snow

3 years 2 months ago #1 by Starnight

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  • Help interpreting a dream about snow was created by Starnight
    Hi guys, maybe you can help me interpret a dream i had last night?
    I was standing outside and there was a woman who appeared to me, she seemed mature but innocent and very friendly, I didn't know her in real life, but in the dream it was like she was my best friend. She was telling me that just around the corner of where we were standing there was snow. I was excited to see so I started running along a path and saw a huge beautiful snow landscape. I excitedly sled down a hill towards it and once I reached the end I realised some of the snow was frozen and extremely cold and I had bare feet. I told the woman that I would be fine, because I was still excited to walk through. Suddenly I realised I was stepping on frozen rocks that were floating in cold water, I was afraid of what was underneath. I stepped on rock that felt it was about to give way so  I told my friend that it may be too dangerous for us to continue and i started to head back the direction I came from.

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