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Beautiful house/ new friend

3 years 4 months ago - 3 years 4 months ago #1 by Dreamer76

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  • Beautiful house/ new friend was created by Dreamer76
     In my dream I met someone (a celebrity, I believe), and he showed me around his house.  In the dream, it wasn't as if "Oh, I'm with a big star."  It was more just the sense that it was someone I knew of, but hadn't met before, and the male presence.  It was a very beautiful house, and I was amazed.  It had large rooms that were done very elegantly, but also with a sense of warmth and beauty.  Someone else that was there made a comment to the effect that the other houses in the neighborhood weren't as nice.  There was even an indoor garden.  He left for a bit, and I was there, I think with his wife.  We hit it off really well, and found that we had some things in common.  When he came back with a friend,  I remember thinking he'd probably be happy that we were getting along so well.  Overall, the feel of the dream was very positive.

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