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Spider woman

3 years 6 months ago #1 by What_the_dream93

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  • Spider woman was created by What_the_dream93
    I had this dream almost a month ago but I still remember it very clearly.In this dream I start by entering a cave for reasons I don't know. It was bright and I could see clearly as I walked through it for a minute or 2 with nothing happening. Then I turn a corner and see a mass of spider webs and start 5o hear the sounds of huge skittering legs, and turn to see the a monstrously huge spider. I turn and run as fast as I can with the spider in pursuit, its legs making loud scrambling noises as it chases me through the now web covered cave. After a while, the sound of the spider fades and i think I've escaped it and start to slow but don't stop as im still completely terrified. Then I'm tackled by another spider and encased in webs, trying in helpless terror to free myself with no luck. There is a brief flash of darkness, then light and suddenly I'm able to free myself from my web cocoon, but when I do I look down and realise that I've been turned into some sort of spider creature. I hear footsteps and turn to see a gigantic woman with eight eyes and spider legs jutting out from her sides walking up to me with a small smile on her face. I look at her in terror as she approaches, thinking she was going to do something else horrible to me, but when she reached me she sits on a ledge. She then picks me up, sits me next to her and gently taps me on my nose, smile growing a bit bigger with a definite soft sort of fondness in all of her eyes. Seeing that, all of my fear melted away instantly and I leaned against her side, her hand coming to rest against me tenderly.

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