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  • lizard/spider was created by mmlazores
    I had this dream about a small lizard trying tocome at me, I could see its mouth opening and closing. It seemed
    like it was in the air but it was actually in a spider web, I saw a black
    spider, not moving. Every time the lizard would come at me with an open mouth,
    it would stop middle way and go back to web. Some details are blurry but I
    remember trying or thinking of killing the lizard but then I saw it “swimming” around with its
    parents (I think) and I felt bad. I wasn't scared, just trying to understand what was going on.  At some point, it lost its skin. All that in the spider
    web, the spider never moved. When I woke up, on the way to the bathroom, a
    spider jumped on my face 

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