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Big Blood Moon Before School

3 years 9 months ago #1 by Kasianay

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  • Big Blood Moon Before School was created by Kasianay
    I had a dream about a extremely large full blood moon from my bedroom window. There was a friend in my room with me. The moon was so large that I could see crevices or rooms in it with with objects or furniture inside the rooms. When I "zoomed out" to look at the entire moon again there was a tall, thin, lanky old man with a long white beard (like Saruman from Lord of The Rings) encircling the moon with his arms. When I noticed him the moon was white. I don't recall experiencing much emotion other than curiosity and a slight sense of peace. I went to grab my grandpa to show him the moon, but by the time we got back it was gone. My grandpa was disappointed, but said something like "we'll see it again/next time." There were many more details that happened afterwards; the friend in my room making a sarcastic remark; more friends showing up to my house and one brought some sort of wood object with and I asked if there were more of that object but he just pointed at it; I went to look for the moon again and noticed it was covered up by a large building that looked similar to a building at my university,  and group of young people on bikes and skateboards going around the building; I remember thinking 'they must be going to see the moon' and felt tempted to go see with them; I think about how school starts the next day and I experience stress about needing to move out of my old place, but then I experience sudden relief because I remember that I already did. That is the last thing I remember.

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