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Interpret me please?

3 years 8 months ago #1 by P. Nuckle

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  • Interpret me please? was created by P. Nuckle
    I'm a 30 year old female. I'm soaring high in the sky as I glide through the warm air brushes against my face. I look down  to see below but I realize that I have the body of an eagle and my human head. Im loving it..I don't see anything down below. It is a beautiful bright Sunny day.. THE SUN IS STARTING TO SET.
    As I'm flying high above what appears to be nothing below, I feel almost as if I am the only one.. alone..  Then all of a sudden out of mist of cloud's 5 redwoods shoot straight up from under .. swoosh swoosh swoosh swoosh swoosh. It had startled me .. what is this? what is going on? so i proceeded to continue on cautiously.. less than few seconds 3 huge pillars sprang straight up.... Boom boom boom.. One of these pillars had a lot of grey smoke rising from it.. I was curious so I started to swoop down to investigate.... and to my surprise I see an old Native American Indian Chief with full head dress with his face painted thick black paint straight across his closed eyes lids with a thin red paint strip under the black and white dots going down both of his cheeks 2 dots, then 3 dots and then 2 dots. He sat there in front of the fire with his legs crossed singing or praying while he was Shaking a rattle in his left hand and had a peace pipe in the right hand… I was thinking to myself who is this man? What is he doing? Why is he here?
    Suddenly he stops everything and he's silent.... What the? Then his right hand shoots straight forward pointing that way. his eyes are now wide open.... he was dead silent for a few seconds longer.. Then he starts to shake the rattle and continues to sing at a steady pace… then he gets louder and he's singing and Shaking the rattle faster and faster and faster still looking and pointing in the same direction... As if he's telling me "HURRY! GO NOW!!!" .. so without thinking I go the direction he's indicating for me.... As I fly away I look back one last time, only to see him slowly disappear... 
    It seems as though I have been flying for some time now trying to search for something I don't know for what but the old man wants me to go in this direction to find something.... I begin to feel like I'm never going to find whatever it is the Chief wants me to find and just wanted to give up.. Then suddenly 3 redwoods Spring up from below.... swoosh swoosh swoosh.. Then 2 pillars....boom boom.. I then notice that there is something on one of the pillars… so I start to swoop down to get a closer look... There is definitely something there not quite sure what yet… then I see it.. OMG It's Like one of me... wow it was just laying there not moving but they had a Human head and an eagle's body...but Wait a minute.. i think I know exactly Who it is... 
    It is my significant other I notice he is just laying there and he looks very pale like there is no life in him... he's dead… when i realized who he is and what's wrong with him i immediately swoop down to try and see if I can help him and I picked him up and started rocking he with my wings I started to cry saying "GOD WHY? WHY GOD? PLEASE GOD PLEASE JUST GIVE HIM ANOTHER CHANCE PLEASE? PLEASE GOD?" In slow motion I watch my tear slowly run down my right cheek... As it was running down my cheek it glistens like a diamond.... Then landed below his right eye still sparkling like a diamond… as soon as my tear came in contact with him his color immediately came back he was no longer pale... as he raised his head he then took a deep breath… right before I woke up I remember feeling Happy like I know we are going to be happy..
    I remember waking up to me sitting straight up, at the same exact time he took a deep breath I awoke and took a deep breath ss as I sat there wide awake I had an overwhelming feeling that we are going to be so happy together..

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