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Car almost falling of a bridge that disappeared and I go under flood waters

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  • Can someone help me interpret this dream. 

    I was in a car with my oldest sister and a female cousin. My sister was driving the car. When she made a turn we somehow ended up on a bridge that had disappeared. The car almost fell and hung on the edge for a few moments. I told my sister to reverse the car immediately. She stepped on the gas very hard and the car was able to reverse and not fall.

    After that we were on our way to a family gathering. When we got to the place, we found the place has become heavily flooded. My sister went under the water to try to get to the place that we were supposed to go. I was hesitant to follow her under the water but eventually followed her.

    The next thing that happened was we were at our family gathering. My father (who is deceased) was there. In the dream I knew that he was  dead and so I felt happy to see him there. But then my father complained about something and I got annoyed with him.

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