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    I keep having these dreams in a certain apartment. In this apartment there's about 4 or five bedrooms, a kitchen connected to a living room, a small bathroom, and a large luxurious bathroom connecting two of the bedrooms. Only one bedroom has a large closet, the rest of the rooms are normal, average bedrooms. The bedroom with the large closet is connected to the large bathroom. In one of my dreams, my friends and I were hiding in the large closet and trying to hide in the large bathroom while a family lived in the apartment and was confused on why stuff was moving. In another dream, this apartment was my dorm and I was living with someone I didn't know but her mom refused to leave her side so we all just lived in this apartment. In my most recent dream, I lived in this apartment with my current roommate. She had the room with the big closet but I had the other room that connected to the bathroom. My ex boyfriend and his two roommates moved in with us. I don't get along with one of his roommates and she started speaking badly about a miscarriage I had with him. I pulled him into my room and asked him if he told her. He said yes. I then "woke up" and was still in the same situation, only this time his roommate wasn't making fun of me. I then decided to pull him into my room and ask him again if he had told anyone about this miscarriage because of my "dream." He said no because I told him I didn't want anyone to know. He then held me until I actually woke up in real life. He looked very ugly throughout this whole dream. Not only was this most recent dream kind of unsettling to me but I'm confused on why it took place in this same apartment from other less disturbing dreams of mine. If anyone has any insight on reoccurring features in dreams or dramatic dreams after break ups, I'd love to hear from you. Thank you! -E :)

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