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Body horror

3 years 10 months ago #1 by EJMD

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  • Body horror was created by EJMD
    I dreamt I was in a hotel for some kind of convention or function, waiting for arrivals. I met a man and ended up in bed with him. While there, I began
    to notice the man had large, regular and seeping holes (a good two inches wide) all over his arms and chest with infected watery blood oozing out of all of them. The holes were large and almost uniform all over his body, especially
    across his chest. The watery blood washed over his mouth a few times,
    and I had to spit it out of my mouth a few times too. I knew it was
    infected and I was disgusted. He wanted to continue and have sex, but I
    was revolted though trying to be nice as I disengaged.

    I think I knew him. Afterwards I felt some fear because I wanted to keep
    him away from me. I was afraid he had conference link and password
    information to one of my board meetings and I was trying to think of
    ways to change the links to keep him out.

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