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Wolf and raven are back

3 years 10 months ago #1 by candyvanilla

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  • Wolf and raven are back was created by candyvanilla
    So, since childhood I've had frequent dreams with one particular female wolf in it, her name is Nushka, she's never attacked me in my dreams or anything similar. I didn't have any dreams with her them for years until recently (like for past week). Anyway, I've been feeling quite out of sorts since my dream last night and its making me feel quite sad. My dream consisted of me walking through a dense wooded area at night, with Nushka to the left hand side of me, keeping pace with me. We reach a clearing and a raven I see frequently in my dreams lands on my outstretched left arm and its like we communicate, the raven bows its head and flies off and that's where it stopped. I just can't seem to shake this feeling no matter what I do. Any suggestions as to why Nushka could have returned to my dreams or what my dream symbolises?

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