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Platform 19

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  • Platform 19 was created by AboutTime
    I don't know if  anyone can offer help with this dream; usual vivid type of dream.  I would be so grateful!
    I have these dreams where I leave my handbag behind somewhere, or I lose it. In this dream I find the handbag, but the type of bag has changed.  
    There are 2 part to this dream; I am trying to find someone that I left  in search of my handbag, I am racing along a street and see a line of people.  I ask an elderly women for help.  She advises me not to join that queue as it's for people heading to platform 19.  She then proceeds to tell me that there is a "rather nice gentlemen" over there, she points to what appears to be an open air cafe on the other side of the street.   I realise that she is referring to my partner.  She takes me across the road and leads me to this strange stone platform of sorts where I see my partner sitting at what appears to be a table.  She then leaves me and I attempt to say thank you, but feel rather clumsy in my attempt to thank her.  I saw her face so clearly!  
    It seemed to be a rather strange dream, but the mention of a platform 19 seemed rather significant.  My gut feelings are that the stone platform where my partner was seated was part of a train station.  The stone was dark, discoloured by pollution.
    If anyone can help, it's the platform 19 that seems to be so significant in this dream.
    Thanks for reading this!

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