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Working at a cinema

4 years 2 weeks ago - 4 years 2 weeks ago #1 by yasmine

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  • Working at a cinema was created by yasmine
    An old, elderly African-American man walks towards me. I am checking tickets at a local cinema. I work there. He shows me ten tickets and for some weird reason I ask him for £100 for them, which is super strange since I’m guessing he had already bought them at the concessions stand (if he already had them in his possession?) and my job was only to check tickets anyway, not sell them.

    Nonetheless, I take the money and put it in a till in front of me, weirdly enough, and he tells me “he’d better be getting that money back as a pay check the next time he comes there”?? Very confusing and strange. I nod understandingly, knowing that there’s no chance any such thing would happen. He then tells me that he needs to be escorted to his seat through the other door that staff use to check screens, because someone is chasing him and will harm him? Again, very confusing and strange behaviour, but I felt very sorry for him, so I do it. I tell him ok but somehow still proceed through the regular customer entrance by myself, he somehow manages to get the staff entrance door open and goes up the stairs that way by himself. He tells me “Come on, what are you doing?” I go after him and when I’ve sat him down in the screen, I try locking the staff entrance door so no one else can come in while I’m away from the till. I suddenly hear loud screaming and hundreds of footsteps. I’d left the ticket checking area and now hundreds of people were rushing through both doors. I could a thunder of footsteps and laughing. The door I was trying to lock slammed open and a ton of people started rushing in and it was a stampede. I ran down the stairs and tried to get out the other door and even more people were coming in through the normal entrance.There were so, so many of them. I ran to the front of the screen and watched hundreds of people rush in. All laughing and enjoying themselves. I yelled at them and told them to stop. I begged them and told them I’d play something for them if they all just sat down. Some of them started sitting down. I thought if I had them sitting down then I could lock them in there and call the manager so he’d call the police. I started to wonder if the police would arrest that many people. I then realised that the old man had orchestrated the entire thing for all of them. I wonder why he’d pay for ten tickets though, it made no sense. For him and nine others to show to the police once they got here? Or would they just keep passing them around between each other so it looked like everyone had bought a ticket? They couldn’t do that, could they?

    Extra info: Cinema was very dark and not very well lit - more so than a usual cinema. I could hardly make out the face of the old man I was talking to. I’m not an American, I’m from London, England. I used to work in a cinema to earn some extra cash for a very short period of time so I think the cinema in the dream was the cinema I worked at. I did not have a pleasant experience in that job but have not really thought about it since I left the job. I have absolutely no clue what this dream could have meant. I’d also like to add that I have to sit online law school exams in a few days and have hardly been preparing the entire time I’ve been under lockdown due to the impact of quarantine on my mental health/productivity among other things. So I am starting to feel the anxiety of unpreparedness in my waking life. 

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