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Not sure what to make of this dream

12 years 7 months ago #1 by SamiB24

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  • Not sure what to make of this dream was created by SamiB24
    So the dream started out with me and a group of other people on a island, we were exploring it and after a wile i was walking with a older man and a young boy and we found a cave. So we went in and when we came out most of the island was just gone. I dont know if it disapeared int othe ocean or what but it was. So we were climbing on the rocks heading for the shore when the boy fell in and dissapeared. After that the man and i headed back up to what was left of the Island where we had set up camp with the rest of the people that were no longer there. Wile we were walking he started acting weird and talking about something i cant remember but when we got to the camp site he ripped off my cloths and forced me to stand still wile he started painting these weird designs on my body and saying i was his goddess now or something like that. The whole time i was crying and asking why are you doing this and he just kept painting and sometimes he would paint something then smudge it off. After that i grabbed a scrap of fabric and wrapped myself in it and he told me not to leave the tent and walked away. After he was gone i got up and started running and eventualy found more people on the side of the island we hadnt been to. I went into a building and it kind of looked like a school inside and the man was in one of the rooms talking, I ran by and he caught a glimps of me and this group of girls hid me. Once he was gone and looking for me somewhere else a man told me it was safe to go home now and thats when i woke up.
    Also i only saw what he painted on my arms and legs and the front of my body =/ at that part of the dream i was in my own body and seeing through my eyes where at some parts i was observing myself form above the to the side

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