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Dr. Mephisto and the Purple Double Terminated Quartz Crystal

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  • I had this dream on 2-5-2020.  To know who Dr. Mephisto (Harry Blackstone Jr.) is, look on YouTube.  There are clips on there from when he was on the soap opera, Santa Barbara, in 1989.  Example, type in phrase, Cruz and Eden Acapulco 8.

    I don't know how I ended up in Dr. Mephisto's Magic Castle.  I just "woke up" lying on a black velvet couch, wearing only a t-shirt and underwear, my summertime pajamas, so it must be summertime in the dream.  (NOTE:  The Santa Barbara episodes were in June of 1989)

    The living room looks the same as it did in the Santa Barbara episodes, except for a few things:  the black vcelvet couch I'm lying on, and a black heavy wooden desk trimmed in gold that Mephisto is sitting behind in front of the fireplace.  

    He is wearing a black dress jacket, white shirt with black buttons, and a red scarf tucked in around the neck of the shirt.  He has an evil smile on his face, stroking his beard, staring straight ahead, hatching some kind of plot to hurt/killthe Castillos, me, or whoever else dares to break into his house.  I stare right at him from across the room as he does this.  I can't get over how handsome and distinguished he looks.

    Something else that doesn't belong in the room is an open window near the couch I'm lying on, and windchimes hanging near it.  A warm wind is blowing the chimes, making beautiful music.  Mephisto comes out of his trance, gets up, and walks toward the window, I now see that he is wearing black pants and shoes.  I kneel up on the black couch.  We both look at the windchimes and notice that they aren't windchimes at all, but quartz crystals of different shapes and sizes, surrounding a large light purple double terminated quartz crystal.  He takes that one down and looks at it, caressing it in a very sexual way, then looks at me with a smirk on his face,  From the size and shape of it, it looks phallic.

    We look at each other, and I can't take my eyes off his, which are a very dark brown, nearly black; it's like he's trying to hypnotze me.  I think I know what he wants, but before anything else can happen, I wake up.

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