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Fairy tale Gone Wrong? (featuring Robert Morse)

4 years 2 months ago #1 by nan8red

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  • I had this dream on 9-21-19:

    I "woke up" lying on the ground in a forest of what must have been California Redwoods, they were so big and tall.  Some of the scenery looked like it was from the 1986 Ric Ocasek music video, Emotion in Motion.  There was sunlight streaming through the trees, so I could see everything.

    I looked up to see a man kneeling over me and recognized him as a younger version of Robert Morse.  It must have been from 1982 because he was wearing the same clothing he wore on the kids' TV show, The Good Book:  a dark blue soldier jacket with yellow/gold epaulets, a red shirt under it, and blue jeans.  (I couldn't see his shoes, but knew from watching the show that they were dark blue/black tennis shoes)  From across the forest, I could see that he was sponging my forehead with a cloth, as though I'd been hurt.  I was haing an OBE and an LD at the same time.  

    I'm looking up into his face and he tells me that I had fallen down a hole and ended up there.  I make a joke about falling down a rabbit hole like in Alice in Wonderland  and laugh.  He doesn't and gets a weird expression on his face, which makes me laugh even harder.    I'm not in any pain, so I don't realize how badly I'm hurt.  I get up and try to run away, not wanting his help.  I run through the forest and he comes after me.  I try to jump over the roots coming out of the ground as I'm running, but then feel a sharp pain in my ankle and nearly fall, but he catches me and I hold on to him.  

    "You're hurt.  Stay here for awhile."  He says.

    I later find out that I have hurt my head (there is a huge bump and a bruise on my forehead), and my ankle, but it isn't broken or sprained, just badly bruised.  I decide to stay wth this "handsome prince" of a man for awhile; he's really good-looking up close.  The dream ends before anything else can happen.

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