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Car drives on autopilot

6 years 3 months ago #1 by beecampo

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  • Car drives on autopilot was created by beecampo
    I haven't been able to find any information similar to a re-occurring dream I've had. I wouldn't say I have it all the time, probably only every couple of months. It's always a little different but I'm always in a moving car on a highway that I don't recognize, presumably far away from home. In my most recent dream, my friend Jen was in the car with me.

    As the car is moving at high speeds, I realize that no one is in the driver's seat. Jen tells me it's on autopilot and it's not a big deal. Still, watching the cars drive past us horrifies me. I watch the steering wheel drive itself, but I keep expecting it to fail and get us killed. It's very uncomfortable. In my most recent dream, the car performed perfectly fine until Jen grabbed the wheel and started driving manually. I felt better when she did this. Another thing worth noting was that I was in the back seat the entire time, even when she went to the front seat. I even thought this was odd in the dream.

    I do recall in previous dreams the car NOT performing perfectly. If I remember right, I was alone in the car this time. But it's possible there were other people/a person with me. I remember the car scraping against a cement barrier as the autopilot failed and I think we even hit another car. These highways are usually really intense-looking and unfamiliar which seems to also cause me some anxiety. There are many long, bendy roads. When I crashed, I remember it was a long, round turn. Like a massive exit ramp.

    A little bit of relevant background about me: First off, Jen has never been a romantic interest to me. We've been good friends for a long time. I may be physically attracted to her but for the most part I've never really thought about dating her. I don't even see her that much but she is always in touch and she's one of those friends that will always come to visit every now and then. I think if there's any relevance to her, it's that I took a 6 hour drive to visit her a couple years ago with some friends. Perhaps I associate long drives with her or something like that.

    Also worth noting that I've taken road trips like that many times in my life. Jen is not the only friend I've visited at that distance and I went to college 4 hours from home so it was regular to take those drives. It also seems possibly relevant that my life has been a bit uncertain lately. I quit my job at a TV station when I saw that I had several other opportunities. I couldn't take the job anymore and I felt I was treated poorly so I put in my two weeks and got out. The employers for a few of these jobs expressed that I was probably going to get the job, one even said, "We would have given you the job right now but we have just one more interview." Well, I guess that one was the guy for the job. None of the jobs worked out and even the part time work I hoped to have as a backup turned out to be very irregular.

    Though I will survive, all of these plans have collapsed. On top of that, my love life has been terrible. An ex of mine (that I dated for 2 years) recently started dating a guy who seems to be a super hero and a woman that I was invested in turned out to have no interest in me. Both of these experienced made me depressed.

    Sorry if I shared excessive info, I thought it might be relevant. Thank you for reading.

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