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Chased by large Spider

11 years 4 months ago - 11 years 4 months ago #1 by crazyartistman

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  • Chased by large Spider was created by crazyartistman
    I would like to have this dream interpreted. I feel that it is more than a dream. I heard a clamor in the kitchen, and walked in to investigate. It was high noon. The cabinet was open, and the pots and pans had barreled out. Nearby, a child sized blackish gray spider was feeding on something. I was not sure what because I was seeing it from behind. It hopped around and noticed me. As it began to hiss, I backed up and it charged at me. I ran into my living room and out of the front door. It still pursued me. I veered to the right. It suddenly turned to night. I climbed over the wooden fence (It encloses the pool) and noticed it jump from the driveway to the side of the garage and continue to pursue. I ran until I reached the pool, where I realized I would be trapped with it, so I turned around to face it, but when it had jumped from the garage to the fence, it had unwittingly partially impaled itself on part of the fence, and slowly died. As it died, it's eyes flickered with a bright green and it squirmed and hissed until all was still. I looked at it curiously for a few minutes. The dream ended with a bird's eye view of myself looking at the spider. I know that spiders represent both fortune and danger. But I would like to have some more incite from an interpreter. There was also some kind of infernal laughing in the dream from a male figure with an echoing voice that seemed to mock me as I tried to escape the spider. Every time I heard it, I imagined a small head with a large beak like nose surrounded in a powdery white mist. I did not actually see it, but I imagined it simply floating there.

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    11 years 4 months ago - 11 years 4 months ago #2 by CC

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  • Replied by CC on topic Chased by large Spider
    Actually, the definition of a spider in a dream is different than you have heard. I have seen no research to support the theory that a spider means fortune or danger. A good rule of thumb in dream interpretation is that if a symbol doesn't make some sort of logical metaphoric sense, it's probably not accurate. Here's a link to a well-supported definition of a spider in dream found on this website:


    The first part of the above spider definition would seem to apply, given your dream's location/setting. The second part of the definition of a spider dream caused by a confusional arousal, always takes place in a dark room/bedroom. For more information about those kind of spider dreams, the homepage features a good video in the "Listen Now!" section. Here are links to other symbols in your dream which should help you ID who the spider represents in your waking life:

    running away:

    The setting of your spider dream (your home?) suggest that the "spider" may be someone that you have encountered in your home or family life. The fact that it dies impaled on a fence, reflects your sense that you were able to create an effective boundary to keep it away from you and even dispense with him/her. For example, in a home setting, this might be a "creepy" workman, contractor, creditor, neighbor, etc.

    As for the last portion of your dream... the symbol of an infernal laughing (read: evil) presence does suggest a confusional arousal. Here's a link to its definition:

    evil presence:

    From what you describe, there would appear to be a psychological component of your dream (the spider) and a physiological one (the infernal laughing male figure), which is actually not a dream but "an occurrence during sleep." After you consider the symbol definitions, please let us know if your thoughts and what might have generated it. As the dreamer, only you can validate the true meaning of your dream and/or what you experienced.

    I hope that this has been helpful.

    Ding, dong, the spider is dead!

    Happy New Year!
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