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Reoccuring Graveyard Dream

11 years 7 months ago #1 by yukithekid

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  • Reoccuring Graveyard Dream was created by yukithekid
    I'm standing in the middle of a graveyard and I spot a young girl about 16-17 wearing a white dress. She looks over her shoulder then starts walking away. I hear the leafs crackle as I step and her white clothing seemed to reflect the light as all white does in bright light. The first few times I had this dream I thought she was leading me, but I realized that she was looking for something. I continue following her unnoticed as if I was following a ghost. She leads me to the back of the graveyard where there are lots of trees and shrubbery making it seem almost like a maze, but not quite. For a second I lose her in the trees, but I quickly find her walking into a crypt. I look at it and it's a moderately tall crypt made of stone with a wooden door and a brass knocker. I walk in to see that shes pointing down at a brass plaque. I get down on my knee thinking that she lead me to her resting place. When I finished wiping the dirt away I hear a slight humming. I look closer and it reads off. In Memory of John Anthony Guida. August 24th 1991 - dfsdfsfd (the blue corrosion made it hard to read. It either said May or March) 2013. When I looked back up to her I saw her crying with one hand over her mouth. That's when I wake up.

    I've had this dream since I was 3 or 4 years old. The part that bothers me even more is shortly after I turned 17 I met the girl from the dream. I know science dictates that you dream of only those you have met.. but there are two issues with that. I only knew one girl back then and she was my sister. The second the girl from the dream was either just born or a year old. I guess the fact she hasn't moved here yet would also factor in.

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