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Chicken Guy dream

11 years 8 months ago #1 by DustMonkey

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  • Chicken Guy dream was created by DustMonkey
    So here is another monstrosity I dreamed up last night. He was a bald pale chicken like man. He killed a lot of people and would fling his victims at people. He was bald and covered in blood and had a fat person's head on a giant plucked chicken's body. He made noises like "WAKKA WOCKA WIKI WKI WOO" in the dream a friend and I were starting a get-together at our church. Then he had the idea to put everyone in little groups and make each group into a nation. each nation was supposed to fight to the death over a throne of power. As the last two nations started fighting chicken appeared and killed them. Then my girlfriend and another friend and I were at my elementary school attending a talent show. The singers on stage where all black and in their 20s singing a song. Then my friend starts trying to wrestle me and I keep saying "dude stop." and was getting really annoyed until my girlfriend stopped him. Once he stopped one of the larger black women that I guess I'm close friends with because I felt a close connection to her comes on stage and crosses over to where I am (We were standing close to the right part of the stage) and asks if her costume looks good. I said "Yeah whatever, go sing." Then, a few feet in front of us two guys started sexually assaulting a girl and at the last minute chicken guy slices through one of the guy's head with one of his wings and then went on to kill everyone on stage. I decided to go home and google him and found a lot of memes and even an anime about the chicken guy. I went back to the school and he sang at me. The words were all jumbled and didn't sound like words at all. They were more like guttural noises. Then I woke up. It never crossed my mind to kill this chicken abomination, and no one really tried to stop it like they did the faceless guy in my other dream.

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