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Fear + girlfriend

12 years 9 hours ago #1 by m1kcal

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  • Fear + girlfriend was created by m1kcal
    Before I begin I would like to apologize for any grammar errors and for small use of foul language (I had to quote exactly what was said). This dream occurred 3 times already in matter of few days and it's really bugging me. So, here's the dream:

    My girlfriend was over at my house (this is where my dream takes place). We were watching some movie, the name never came up. And close to the finish or perhaps the movie was done, never specified in the dream but that's the feeling I got about it, I said to my gf, be right back, got to go to the bathroom. So, I went in there and started peeing, and out of nowhere on the bowl on the inside, where the water is, "fear" appeared in red bloody letters. Then as I continued to pee, for unusually long long time, the bowl started getting filled up all the way to the top. That's when I said "fear, fuck fear, mother fucking, fuck fear". And the bowl water/pee/whatever it was started going back down to usual level. Then I went to my room, and my girlfriend was laying in bed positioned to where there was just enough room for me to join her, and she said can you get me a blanket or something. So, I went to the next room, got 2 different kinds of blankets, and went back in there and asked my girlfriend, would you like both, or just one. She said two, and as I started putting the blankets on top of her to warm her up I assume (remember this was really late in the night, sleeping time) she said come in here, to converse a bit. And I woke up.

    A little background info, it's a long-distance relationship, I live in the States, and she is going to school in Paris, France. Our first anniversary is coming up in a month, but I visit her every few months, so that's not a problem.

    Any help on what this dream means?

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