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Bear on the loose!

12 years 2 weeks ago #1 by Lasombra

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  • Bear on the loose! was created by Lasombra
    I had a very odd dream last night (which is indeed what brought me to this site).

    I was in the body of a large bear... I'm assuming a grizzly bear, but I'm not sure as I was in a deciduous forest near a river. As the bear I could hear another voice guiding me, but I could not see anyone else with me.

    I found myself just on the outside of a fenced enclosure on an island in the center of the river. Inside the enclosure there were captive mountain lions and other dangerous predators. I'm reasonably certain that I had just escaped, and I had to step over the decaying bodies of goats(?) to reach the river and freedom(?).

    Could I pretty please get some help with this one?

    Thank you.

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    12 years 1 week ago #2 by CC

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  • Replied by CC on topic Re: Bear on the loose!
    There are lots of common symbols in your dream. The thing to remember about dream symbols is that they are expressions of your feelings about elements of your waking life and, in this case, yourself.

    Bears are common symbols for people we know with tempers, but not knowing the waking life background that generated your dream, it may mean something else. Here's a link to its definition on this website:

    The meaning of other symbols in your dream should help explain why you had the dream and its main message:

    dead body (the goats):
    jail (variation of fenced enclosure):

    Without knowing the waking life back of your dream, it's hard to give you a precise interpretation. My guess... the dream reflects your feelings about just having escaped a job/career/school where those you left are still "caged."

    If you don't mind, please share what was going on at the time of the dream that might explain who the other caged animals were in the dream and what you managed to escape.


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