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the woman of my dreams?

12 years 4 months ago #1 by philman777

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  • the woman of my dreams? was created by philman777
    just a little background info its a dream setting i last had about 7 years ago... usually before i enter a relationship(and sometimes while i'm dating) i see the same woman in every dream(guess you can say my heart designed her appearence)... now the current woman i have a love interest in has told me she doesnt see me that way but when other people see us together they say otherwise... so im not sure if its from my desire for her or the seed planted from other peoples opinion or even her own hidden feelings that maybe only my subconsious pick up on.. but she is the only woman i can think of as to why i am having the dreams... anyway.. im about 5'6" and this woman comes up to my collar bone (the woman i dream about) long black hair down to her butt, breasts are about a d-dd, her butt is somewhat thick but shapely... her figure would be similar to kim kardashians when she looked a bit thicker in the butt area... just shorter but nicely done (with reference to the dream girls height and body shape) and a more rounded face than oval also she is of some hispanic origin but im not sure which... the dream girl never tells me... and she is always wearing dresses... anyway im always either saving her from something that will kill her, fighting my way to her, or flying (like superman) as i search for her (these dreams started up again on oct 25 so come today 2 months of this) and i am always deeply in love with her... in the dream on oct 25 (which remains to be the clearest one of all of them) i died many times trying to save her but i keep coming back to the point before i die as if im allowed to constantly redo what needs to be done to save her.. ofcourse just so happens to be fighting a dragon while wielding excalibur and im flying (like superman) with 3 fairies or sprites (not really sure the difference but they are the size of my hand) by the end of the dream i got her back and i stopped dying... but to do so i had to become what i had to destroy... of course i was myself afterwards... one of my female friends that studies dreams has told me she feels it may not revolve around the current interest but just a general desire to have some to love.. someone i would go great lengths for to keep happy and safe... curious of other peoples opinions. if it helps any... the dreams of this woman are the only dreams i am able to remember since i have been having them.

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