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A glimpse into a different reality?

1 year 8 months ago #1 by Philly254

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  • A glimpse into a different reality? was created by Philly254
    First of all, I literally googled this forum because I had to talk to someone about this. Hear me out....I know this sounds crazy and I'm sure people have said it before but last night I had a dream that I THINK was really me looking at my alternate self in a different reality. 

    I was originally dreaming about an alternate energy source that I was saturated in called magno energy, pretty basic adventure type dream so far.... I was chasing down the daughter of a friend who had the same condition. She somehow fled into an  alternate dimension via the machine that's saturated us with this energy source and she didn't want to come back. I went into this dimension and it looked like a planet earth covered in blue fog, everything looked ruined, and there looked to be zombies on the ground. The daughter and I battled in the Sky, but I was much more proficient in the use of my power. She flew away in an attempt to escape so I gave chase. She slipped me a few times and just as I caught up we clashed age the entire world changed and she disappeared. Next thing you know, I was standing on at a cross walk and the world looked extremely vivid...not the hazey look of what dreams look. I went and spoke to an officer and asked him the year. He told me the year but it was weird, the year he told me was a 3 digit year(I can't remember the digits). I then explained my situation and he just kind of stared at me, until I mentioned magno energy, his face lit up with recognition, and I said so y'all are familiar with magno energy? He said "You mean magnotar? Yeah that's what runs the world. The cars, TV, everything"  He then escorted me to a nearby building l, he spoke with a tall guy outside, I couldn't make out what they were saying as they spoke low,but I knew they were talking about me because they were staring the entire time at me. They tall guy then told me to come with him as he began badging himself into the building. Staring at me kind of weird. I tried to explain a little of what I told the cop even told him to look at my eyes to show him that I could make them glow, (as I could do this earlier in the dream, but they didn't glow and he looked at me like I was a idiot. After the door opened he told me to go on in so I did,but he didn't go with me. So I was confused on where to go. So I went to a nearby receptionist and stood in line.  There were two people in front of me, a mom and daughter, the daughter in front of me was was having some kind of allergic reaction and was itching really badly and it was driving her nuts as her mom checked them in. After a moment a door opened that lead to where the other doctors and nurses were and I saw an old child hood friend of mine named Jermone who was a doctor in this world. Keep in mind Jermone in my world is a truck driver.  I instantly lit up because I saw someone I recognized but also knew it wasn't the Jermone that I knew. But still I instinctively greeted him as if I was greeting my childhood friend and he greeted me as well but I could tell that this version didn't recognize me the same way I recognized him. He waved me back there with him and I told him "I know you probably don't know me the way I know you", and he responded "oh I know about you". He then escorted me to where I thought was going to be his doctor's office but instead it almost looked like a break room the doctors sit in. While walking to the break room he said he needs to get my "bled" results, I had no idea what he was talking about but I just said ok.  We went into the break room and noticed other civilian dressed people here. I began to wonder if this is how hospitals work here and questioned it to Jermone. "So y'all do like group examinations or something here" as I sat down and one of the other doctors almost dismissively said "nah, we're just enjoying our last days of being able to sit in groups before K9 spreads here" At the time I think I mistook his mention of "K9" as COVID-19 and so I said "oh COVID-19 hasn't happened here yet??? Man where I'm from it shut the whole world down in 2020, things improved, but it was pretty crazy for a while" they shook there heads and acknowledged what I was saying but I could tell they were a bit confused, probably because he mentioned K9 and I went on a tangent about COVID-19, something that probably didn't exist there.  Next thing you know I woke up....but EVERYTHING there was super vivid way more vivid than any dream I can think i ever had. It was actually more vivid than The dream of me having powers that lead into that sequence My theory is I was having a normal dream and somehow legit stumble into another reality. One where either I was a doctor or at least worked at the hospital. And I was seeing things and even had control of my alternate self temporarily. Maybe I was walking across the street to go to work, the cop I saw probably had seen me make my way to work for a long time, the guy at the door was a coworker and was confused by my words and badged me into the hospital, would explain why he didn't come in with because he assumed I knew where I was going, and Jermone took me back to the break room again because we were both employed at the hospital.  Thoughts? I know this is a crazy theory.

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