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Strange dream with someone barely close to me

1 year 8 months ago #1 by Ben827

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  •  I had a long vivid dream about meeting a girl. I was walking into some sort of fair and there was a smoking section by the entrance. In my dream, we were talking for sometime. The details of which I cannot remember. I asked her her name and number. Not for any romantic interest. At least I don’t think it was. And then she told me her name. Then her name sounded familiar and it dawned on me. She was someone I knew all along. She is a friend of a sister of my highschool friend who I barely speak to anymore. I looked at her closely and I saw it was really her.  Then it all started coming to me. I asked her the school she went, the people we both knew. I asked her about her kid. Last time I saw her in town she had a kid. All sorts of questions. For some reason, in my dream, she hates my friend’s sister. Lol I asked her if she remembered me? She didn’t. This girl was not close to me. I barely even knew her. All I remember is that my friend’s sister had a highschool lesbian encounter with her which she described as “amazing”. Me and the girl worked together for like a day in Mcd’s some 10 years ago but we didn’t speak other than work stuff. I left the place shortly after she started to work there. I came in a couple of times as a customer and teased her about her lesbian encounter like “I know your dirty little secret “ type of joke. That was the only time I spoke ever to her. I thought she was cute, and nice but I didn’t have any serious interest. She hadn’t crossed my mind ever since.  Honestly, i have almost forgotten about her. Now, why would someone who barely crossed my life some 10 years ago when i was a teenager be in my dreams now? Is my brain trying to tell me something? I’m trying to remember if she she crossed my mind yesterday so as to be in my dreams tonight? Nope. I was ill half the day and working the other half. What’s so significant about her my dreams wants me to remember her?

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