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Dream about ex and current crush

1 year 4 months ago #1 by Oguti21

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  • Dream about ex and current crush was created by Oguti21
    Dream So in this dream I thought it was a bit weird so basically, we were in an amusement park and I was sitting down by myself when I noticed that my ex was sitting on the other side of a bench and I approached her and everything was pretty casual until the girl I am currently liking a bit also came and she actually sit with us but my attention went all to my crush.  Long story short my ex disappeared from my dream and everything was about my crush and it turns it out it was her last day before leaving to College and I spent that night with her family and I was In her arms just crying cuz I didn’t want her to leave and I had a really good time with her and all.  But that pretty much concludes the dream. I am wondering what this dream means for me, in particular my ex and the current girl I have feelings for.

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