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    thank you for taking the time to read this post.

    I was involved in a car crash two days ago as a passenger in my mothers car with my wife and two children in the car. No one was hurt but that night I had the following dream

    I was under a fly over on a highway and was washing my mothers car with a power washer, a man with a dog walked behind me on the path, there was an obstruction he disappeared behind, the support pillar, as he re appeared moments later the dog had vanished and he grabbed my mothers handbag and ran, it was on the seat of the passenger side which was open. 

    I remember thinking in the dream that there was something wrong and he wasn't to be trusted, so him stealing the bag was a surprise but not completely unexpected

    I gave chase, trying to strike the man with the hose or tangle his legs, I wanted to hurt him. the distance between us increased but I was able to keep up. 

    He went around a street corner to then appear at the end of the street, which I could see from where I was and he met another man who he gave the handbag too. 

    I felt that I want to be violent with them but I stopped to see what happened next with the intention to follow the second man

    and then I woke up and felt disturbed. I think I know the meaning of the dream but I am interested in hearing other interpretation

    # Themes in dream as I under stood them:

    Theft- fear/loss/money/health or emotional loss

    Dog- loyalty/trust

    Chasing- desire/goals/unresolved issues

    any thoughts will be read and appreciated

    many thanks 


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