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A weird dream that I had

2 years 6 days ago #1 by POSEIDON

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  • A weird dream that I had was created by POSEIDON
    In this dream there were 12 windows and a bed I sit on next to the window, The windows were in a room that looked like my aunty's flat and she passed away but the outside looked completely different like it was a different city, I already moved out of my home town that was in an urban area but my aunty used to live in a city. 

    Outside the windows cars were driving, some lanes got traffic some doesn't and people were standing alongside the road by their cars.

    As I look outside the window I see people jumping off the ledge of the building and landing on top of cars but they continue driving, as I open a window to scream at the people and tell them people are landing on their vehicles, they look at me continue they day and the people alongside the road look and does nothing, there was this one car that stopped and pulled a body of the car but then I start looking at the windows.

    The windows are 12 small windows with a black frame, the windows look like it is about to fall off any time it is barely able to stay on. Some windows are open, so I try to close them but when I do that another window opens, for some reason I want to close all windows but it keeps on opening.

    As I am busy trying to close the window, more people are jumping off the ledge, then this man enters the window into the room, I try to get him out but he keeps on entering the room and laughing hysterically, as he keeps on coming in and me pushing him out I am feeling scared and he keeps on resisting it becomes harder to push him out, eventually, I can get him out of the window but before he goes, he wipes his back on the corner of the bed that is by the window, the part of the bed he wipes his back on is fill of sweat.

    At this point, I try to close all the windows but it is still open, I try to readjust the frames so it sticks, some windows work some don't. I then go to the windows to the extreme left that is by the head of the bed and the sweat from the guy is there, the windows I try to readjust I realise are broken, the frames I remove and place on the bed a new broken frame with broken glass keeps on replacing it, I keep on taking out the frame and the glass and placing it on top of each other on the bed.

    As I was removing the glass from the window frame, I look at the glass on the bed and I suddenly hear my name in a soft voice, it sounded like my father who is still alive and I woke up.

    Please help interpret. 

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