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Nightmare that i need someone to decode

2 years 2 weeks ago #1 by Dough

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  • My dream started when i woke up in my bed, literally thinking that I was awake. I flipped the switches cause the night light that i usually keep on was off. Didn't work. In fact, the entire house had its lights out. So now, i started walking towards the kitchen through the passageway, while my eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness. Everything seemed to be in place, but I heard a rustling sound in the kitchen. I assumed that I left the kitchen window open and the blowing wind might have made the sound. Out of curiosity, I casually looked towards the kitchen and saw a little girl, about 4ft tall. She had white glowing eyes and wore a dark red and white polka dot nightgown. She saw me and ran towards the closed window like she wanted to escape. And I ran behind her caught her and tied her hands to question what she was doing there. After that, I can't remember what happened. About 15 mins later, I was sitting at my dining table looking at the kitchen entrance, with my laptop in front of me scared stiff of something. The girl was sitting on the couch staring at me. We were having some conversation. Later she screamed loudly and ran toward me like she was attacking me. I was scared to death. Then there was a pause. I was again sitting at the dining table in the middle of some conversation with her. I'm not really sure how many times this happened. But I distinctly remember that at the very end of it I started laughing along with her as I started crying. And then in the final loop, the dream became lucid and I saw myself sitting at the dining table alone in the darkness with a dead laptop, with complete clarity of what just happened. After this, I woke up in my bed, the night lap was on, the lights were working, and my clothes were all wet from the sweat. I somehow went through the entire house to check if anything was out of order. And as I sat on the sofa where the girl sat, I started getting deja vu like I've been in this situation before. Somehow I feel like all the dreams and nightmares I have in this house are linked together, and I've been the actor and the observer in this drama.
    Its been an hour since this happened and I'm honestly very scared if this might mean something concerning

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