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Vivid detailed dream that I need help interpret

2 years 2 months ago #1 by ConorWilde

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  • So I had this really weird dream last night it’s the first dream I remembered very well and I even wrote it all down. Even when I was writing it down it felt like a terrible story but all the little details seemed important. So hopefully you guys can help me decipher it hat it all means.
    I’m 21 M btw

    I was walking down a hall in my old school with one of my friends. I said to my friend that I need to go to my class ‘magic and math’.

    When I get to the class there’s only 4 students (including myself) . I sit beside this beautiful girl with red hair (dyed).The teacher (a small lady with purple hair) comes in with a cake and says the cake can make people invisible. The girl I’m sitting beside grabs my hand and smiles at me. And as the teacher shows us a PowerPoint I see scribbles on the sides with my name and other stuff like “you’re in danger” and “you’ll never make it”. I decide that I need to go and speak to someone I trust so I leave and take a slice of cake and wait it and exit the class.

    When I walk outside I’m in my house and it’s dark outside with a bright moon (so moonlight is coming in through the windows)

    I decide to go downstairs and when I reach the bottom I look up towards a windows and there someone standing there. I can’t see there features only their outline. As I’m walking towards my kitchen I see a mirror and in the mirror I have a red witch dress (like the wicked witch of the west dress except red) and a red witch hat with the top cut off it.

    I go into the kitchen it’s another classroom and I see my friend from the beginning and another guy in like a long trench coat. I start to tell my friend about what happened and the trench coat guy says that magic and math isn’t a real class and cake can’t make people invisible.

    Then I run back out to the hall (which was still my house) and the moonlit guy was still there. I went to the room I came out originally and it was the same class except no one was there now.

    So I run back to the hall to the moonlit guy who was still standing at the window and I start shouting and screaming at him and then I woke up.

    So any ideas

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