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Vivid All Night Dream - Shaken Me Bad

2 years 3 months ago #1 by Mornola

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  • Vivid All Night Dream - Shaken Me Bad was created by Mornola
    I am the last person that would normally describe my dreams to strangers, but I am completely consumed by last night's immensely vivid, all night dream. Actually slept 2 hours past my normal wake time. I am male, 49 and have never had this experience before. 

    In the dream my wife and I meat another 5 people over time while traveling. We met a lesbian couple that we found much in common with, 2 brothers that were very different but very close, and a single woman that was very weird in a wonderful way. The 2 women were traveling at the same time we were, the brothers were locals we met wherever we traveled to, felt like Las Vegas and the single woman worked as a parking lot monitor at the airport. As we met each of these people we instantly became together as a group and traveled from place to place. We had such a wonderful time with each other as we want place to place. I won't bore you with the details of our travels, but we all felt wonderful and had an amazing time. We decided that the best way to end such an amazing day with strangers was to go our seperate way and keep the memories. Didn't want to ruin what we had by staying together too long.

    Well we ended up running into everyone again and again accidentally. We soon realized when all 7 of us were together we felt this over all sense of love and oneness. We also noticed we felt aweful if just one of the 7 was missing. Finally we all went our seperate ways but all felt an emptyness. The dream ended with me being more affected than the rest reaching an almost catatonic state. The group tried to help me by meeting, but one of the brothers had disappeared. With the 6 there I was able to talk and move but wasn't firm with reality.  That is how I woke up. Longing for the feeling of oneness, love and passion we all had together. I can't shake this dream and my mind is still half in the dream and the feeling of emptyness is overwhelming. Can't shake it and just had to share with someone as it feels so important. I know it is just a dream, I am sure dealing with lose, but I haven't lost anyone in reality. The overwhelming sense of the dream's importance is consuming a mind that is very down to earth.  Thanks for letting me post here. It felt important to share it. 


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