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Please interpret this for me.

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  • Please interpret this for me. was created by MP
    This is the exact log that i wrote down, when i woke up today. one of the most vivid and scariest dreams i have ever experienced in my life.
    i just had the craziest dream, it had me face all of my biggest fears in one dream. first i went on holiday with some family, and got trapped on the edge of a skyscraper in Detroit city in the pouring rain, left to try to figure out how to get back inside, every window i try to smash it would not let me, it was like i was forced to stay on that ledge for hours. in fear. one of my biggest fears is heights, i can handle like 3 floors but after that its to much for me. then all of the sudden im stuck in Detroit with no way back to Canada, im stuck all alone with no money on the side of this fucking skyscraper while its pouring rain, the metal beneath me was slippery, , out of nowhere the dream skips to a new scene and im stuck scaling a metal railway bridge that i can barley walk on similar to an iron workers rebar that they walk on. this is where it gets messed up the bridge was super rusty, and we were thousands of feet in the air. this bridge was my way back home to Canada. to which jimmied my way across what felt like for hours, constantly slipping and almost falling right as you catch yourself the rust from the bridge is to much its just grainulars  and you slip again but each time you slip you make it a little farther forward. eventually we get to the end of this bridge, i was not alone on the bridge either i had my 2 friends with me, but its like there wern't their at all. just images of them. at the end of the bridge is Toronto airport and for someone, we have to jump off this bridge into the water, and i let my friend jump off first because i wanted to gauge if it would kill him, i seen a glimpse of how he hit the water, but it wasn't enough to tell me that i would survive the fall. i finally get the courage to jump off the bridge and before i can hit the water im awaken and started to write this down in my dream log in my phone. 

    by far one of the scariest dreams i have had in my life i only say this because i was in constant fear the whole dream.

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