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Had the strangest dream

2 years 6 months ago #1 by petemar89

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  • Had the strangest dream was created by petemar89
    It is not unusual at all for my dreams to be extraordinarily vivid, detailed, and coherent; they are almost like watching movies on the backs of my eyelids. Last night, though, I was visited by a most unusual dream that felt no less "real" than waking life, and which had no experiential gaps between events. I remember the same as I would remember an ordinary waking day.

    I died in this body and found myself suddenly in another. The new body belonged to a crippled young man (early 20s) who suffered both cerebral palsy and cognitive/intellectual disability. He required a walker with wheels to get from point A to point B, and though he came from quite a wealthy family, his life apparently didn't please him, because it was his suicide that brought my spirit to quicken his body.

    I learned these facts after I took residence in the new body, of course. I discovered them conversation by conversation, slowly, particularly from the caregiver. As I adjusted to the idea of a new body, I decided to make it work for me. I started "rehabilitating", building better nervous control of the muscles, building up the muscles, began running even, bought a weight bench. Everyone around, his entire family, was astonished at the sudden improvement, and the suddenly confident and outspoken personality.

    I woke shortly after I called my mother and told her that I was alive in a new body but that I missed her and my sister and loved them.

    The dream has been ever-present in my mind all day. It certainly isn't the most outlandish dream I've had. Why has this one particular dream of mine had such an impact on my thoughts today? Does anyone know, could this mean something deeper?

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    2 years 5 months ago #2 by Lugus

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  • Replied by Lugus on topic Had the strangest dream
    There are, at least, two possible interpretations.

    First interpretation:
    It refers to a past or future reincarnation.

    Second Interpretation:
    I believe that this is a more reasonable interpretation.

    The “you” in this dream represents your non-physical body – perhaps your psyche or soul/spirit. Thus, when the dreamer is strengthening his dream body, he is strengthening himself psychologically and/or spiritually.

    It sounds like the dreamer called his mother in this dream.
    a. The mother and sister might refer to the dreamer’s actual real-life relatives. This would probably mean that the dreamer has progressed beyond some members of his family.
    b. However, they could instead be archetypical images from the unconscious (to use the terminology of Carl Jung). In order for these ladies to be on an equal footing with the dreamer, they would also need to go through a transformation.

    Hope this helps,

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    1 year 8 months ago #3 by Dreamer41561

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  • Replied by Dreamer41561 on topic Had the strangest dream
    Cognitive disability: Sins and misuse of ones mind.

    Old man: This represents ones condition. Will suffer punishments for your sins and bad deeds. Faculties will be lossed.

    Recovery: Repenting for ones bad deeds and conduct. Will receive better faculties.

    The meaning of your dream is that either you will go to Hell after your death or in this world you will suffer the punishments for your bad deeds. This most likely being an mental illness. Though you will repent and recover in a condition better than before. This is the meaning of your dream.

    It is unlikely for this to be just an aspect of your personality, in other words, an archetype. It is also unlikely for this to be anything else for example, if poor will become rich, or if not married will be married. Rather it is about ones health and sickness.

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