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New here and need help with a dr

2 years 8 months ago - 2 years 8 months ago #1 by Mmeuse82

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  • New here and need help with a dr was created by Mmeuse82
    I am needing help interpreting a dream. I need to start with 3 important things first. These will sound weird but will play a part later on:
    1.) I'm not very religious 
    2.) I usually listen to podcasts at night, so my phone may be next to me or on a pillow
    3.) I remember the majority of my dreams, but this one stands out the most.

    My friend Jeremiah (who is a pastor and we've been best friends since middle school) and I are crossing this road towards a parking garage. It appears we are downtown somewhere but it doesn't look familiar. 

    We enter this parking garage and he's talking about God. Though i don't remember much about that conversation, what happens next is mind boggling. 

    We turn left and walk down a set of stairs. We enter this room that appears old. Brown carpet and old art. I imagine this room has a musty odor to it.

    He starts talking about accepting Christ into my life. He says if i am truly ready, all i need to do is knock on this door. He warns me that i will feel a slight vibration in my chest, but that is Jesus entering my heart.

    I decided to knock on this door. In that very moment, my phone's alarm goes off. My phone is on my chest and it's vibrating. I immediately wake up and stunned by what just happened. 

    I remember the majority of my dreams, but this one is for the books. Any ideas what this means? Perhaps I'm over thinking this one. Thank you for reading this.

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