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I love dreaming.

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  • I love dreaming. was created by DeeEmmTee
    Hey Everyone. 

    This dream doesn't really make sense, but it's a bit funny, probably a bit symbolic? That's why I'm here. I would love someone's thoughts about this dream.

    My girlfriend and I were in a forest, for some reason we unexpectedly separated and got lost. I couldn't find my phone to call her, so I kept on walking around to look for her. I came across a large 2 story old house, I think to myself that I would go inside and check it out, to see if she is in there. 

    I walk into the house, the first closest room on the right I walk in. There was a bunch of vampires greeting me. They ask me if it's ok for them to suck my blood. They said that they won't kill me, they just want the blood from a host that is alive so they can see into the future. I said no and they left me to go on my way.

    The 2nd room I walk in. Another bunch of vampires that wanted my blood as well. But this time I needed to be dead. In order for them to see the past, they have to drink blood from a host that is dead. Again, I politely said no and they peacefully let me go. 

    I walked back outside in front of the house, where I see a car that is parked and the driver chilling inside. I open the passenger door and asked if he could take me to the closest train station, replies "Hop in". We start driving, a few seconds after a blizzard hits us, the road was covered in snow and no longer visible. The driver said, "we have to walk from here. It's too dangerous to drive." I hop out and start walking. 

    As I was walking, I look into the night sky and see 2 moons. 1 was a solar eclipse, the other just looked normal. I was looking at it in amazement. Soon after a weird robot orb thing flew out of one of the moons and came to earth, right in front of me. It didn't do anything but was observing me.  

    After, I found my phone in my pocket. I called my girlfriend to ask where she is. Every question I asked she replied, "I don't know". I asked her "where are you?" she said "I don't know", is there anything wrong? she replied I don't know, are you hurt? I don't know. Do you want me to find you?.... "I don't know"

    and then I woke up and laughed. I love dreams like this. I have so many drea,s that make noooo sense at all. This one was interesting with the vampires and the 2 moons. Probably nothing.. probably an interesting read for some. If you guys have any insight about this dream i would love to hear your thought, or just give me a "WTF!" HAHAHA. 

    Keep dreaming people.

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