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Dream that Keeps on Coming back for 20 years now

2 years 8 months ago #1 by John G

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  • Hello and thanks in advance for your answers,

    For close to 15-20 years now I have had this dream that comes back 1 or 2 times per year.
    Basically, I am in my childhood home and the door is always either jammed or poorly closed and always there is a stranger outside the door that wants to come in. He close to never does manage to come in, but I feel fear about him.
     At times there are multiple people at the door.
    Same childhood home.

    Context: When I was a kid, until 15, I lived with grandma in an apartment building. We had a summer old and fragile door, with a poor lock to it. One day, while coming back from school, someone chased me on the stairs, couldn't see who. I was at the second floor (we lived on the third) when the noises on the stairs came up. Rushed in the house and closed it, but soon someone rang the door violently and said: I am selling fish, do you want fish?
    Grandma said no and that was it.
    But I was horrified.

    Might this be the reason for my dream? What does it mean?
    Thank you!

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